Made for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128

The Game

Even if Konami lost all interest in making proper Castlevania games, Dracula's Castle can’t be kept in the void forever. It just so happens, that this time fans were the ones to aid in it’s return.

It was originally invisioned as a „demake” of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest but eventually turned into an original independent game for ZX Spectrum.

Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is an action-adventure platform game with elements of RPG. It merges well known elements of classic games with some new ideas. It tells a new story which tries to remain consistent with the canon of original franchise and explains why Belmonts disappeared for many years.

Dracula's Castle is awaiting new guests!

Portugese localization added

Disk version for ZX Spectrum +3

Italian localization added

Version 1.1 - new and improved


Tape version

Disk version for +3

ZX Dandanator! Mini cartridge

German and Portuguese versions are coming soon.

You need ZX Spectrum 128 compatible computer or its emulator. For example, one of these:

Unreal Speccy (Win)
Spectaculator (Win)
Fuse (Win, Mac OS X, Unix)

System Requirements
  • ZX Spectrum 128 compatible computer
  • Z80 CPU with 3,5MHz or faster
  • 128Kb RAM or higher
  • Yamaha AY-3-8912 soundchip or compatible
  • Tape recorder



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